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  • Dr Annemarie Millar

Why You Need an Emotional Intelligence Coach for Your Business in the Age of AI

In an era dominated by technological advancements, with Artificial Intelligence (AI) reshaping industries, there's an even greater need to emphasise the human side of business. AI brings efficiency and scalability, but it's the human touch, driven by Emotional Intelligence (EI), that brings meaning, understanding, and depth to professional interactions. As an experienced emotional intelligence coach, I've observed how essential EI is becoming, especially in this age of AI. In this piece, we'll explore the harmonisation of technology and human emotion and why emotional intelligence coaching is more crucial than ever.

Emotional Intelligence: Humanising the Digital Age

While AI focuses on logic and data-driven decisions, Emotional Intelligence grounds us in the rich tapestry of human emotions, empathy, and interpersonal connections. As the Harvard Business Review astutely observed, EI isn't just a supplementary skill; it’s central to bridging the widening gap between digital efficiency and human empathy.

The AI Revolution and Why EI is Paramount

1.Complementing Automation with Empathy: As tasks become automated, the truly invaluable roles will be those that AI cannot replicate — roles demanding human understanding, creativity, and compassion. Rutgers University emphasised that leaders rich in EI can create such work environments, striking a balance between efficiency and empathy.

2. Strengthening Genuine Human Relationships: While AI can analyse patterns and data, genuine interpersonal relationships remain the domain of humans. Emotional intelligence coaching assists teams in forging and maintaining these genuine bonds, a sentiment echoed by research in the Journal of Organizational Behavior.

3. Maintaining Authentic Client Relationships in a Digital World: Beyond algorithmic recommendations and automated support, clients yearn for real human connections. Businesses that harness EI not only foster trust but also cultivate long-standing relationships beyond mere transactions.

4. Attracting and Retaining Talent in an Automated Landscape: As automation becomes pervasive, workplaces that offer genuine human interaction become more appealing. High EI leaders cultivate spaces where employees feel valued and connected, leading to higher retention rates.

Emotional Intelligence Coaching: The Human Anchor in a Sea of Automation

The evolution of AI serves as a stark reminder of the irreplaceable value of human connection. While AI can predict, categorise, and even simulate conversation, it lacks genuine emotion, understanding, and the nuanced human touch that emotional intelligence brings to the table.

In conclusion, as we sail further into the digital horizon, let’s not lose sight of our human compass. Emotional intelligence coaching provides the tools and insights to keep our businesses anchored in authentic human connections, even amidst the most advanced AI developments.


Dr. Annemarie Millar emphasises the harmony of AI and Emotional Intelligence, believing that while AI reshapes industries, EI shapes genuine human connections. As a vanguard in emotional intelligence coaching, she's guiding businesses towards a balanced future.

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