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Individual Coaching

What is Individual Coaching?

Individual coaching in emotional intelligence offers a bespoke, high-impact development pathway for individuals aiming to elevate their leadership capabilities. Through a tailored approach and one-on-one sessions, we focus on honing your emotional acumen to amplify self-awareness, decision-making, team cohesion, conflict management and stakeholder relations. According to a recent research study 95% of people think they are self-aware; but only 10-15% actually are. By employing data-driven assessments and actionable insights, Annemarie’s coaching aims to develop your self-awareness, refine your ability to navigate complex emotional landscapes, both internally and across your organisation. The end result is a more resilient, empathetic, and effective leader, capable of driving organisational success through enhanced emotional intelligence.

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Why is Individual Coaching Important?

Individual coaching is effective because it offers a personalised, focused approach to leadership development that group settings cannot provide. It allows for an in-depth examination of your unique emotional intelligence profile, targeting areas that specifically benefit you. In a fast-paced, high-stakes environment, the ability to make nuanced decisions and foster positive relationships is crucial. Coaching equips you with the emotional tools to excel in these aspects, thereby enhancing your leadership efficacy. Through one-on-one sessions, you receive tailored strategies that directly address your needs, accelerating your journey towards becoming a more impactful and emotionally intelligent leader.

How will Individual Coaching Benefit me?

Engaging in individual coaching will offer you a tailored roadmap to heightened emotional intelligence, pivotal for effective leadership. One-on-one sessions provide a confidential space to dissect your unique challenges and opportunities, equipping you with actionable strategies. You'll learn to better manage stress, make more informed decisions, and cultivate stronger relationships within your organisation. This personal development directly translates into professional advantages: improved team morale, more effective communication, and increased adaptability in the face of change. Ultimately, individual coaching is an investment in yourself that yields dividends across your personal and professional life.

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Equally, Dr Annemarie Millar can also be found on LinkedIn.  Click here to connect with her and to keep up to date with all of her news and updates.

When I had the opportunity to get coached by Annemarie on Emotional Intelligence training I jumped at the chance. I knew that she was a qualified psychologist and that there was no doubt I would receive support of the highest standard from her while studying EI.  
Annemarie is so skilled at mentoring that she understood exactly how to gage how I was doing with the process. She made sure that I knew she was there to support me and she always was.  I thought of her as a personal trainer for the mind.  She knew how to get the best out of me and was completely honest at every stage of the process while still being extremely considerate.  Apart from the career benefits to the individual, I think society as a whole would benefit from having more individuals trained in Emotional Intelligence and I would highly recommend Annemarie as a coach for anyone exploring this area.  She is thoroughly knowledgeable and very passionate about the subject of EI and the transformative power that this training has.

Fionnuala, Business Services Manager. Belfast

Alexa Young, CA

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