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Who is Dr Annemarie Millar & what is an Emotional Intelligence Coach?

Emotional intelligence (EI) indeed plays a crucial role in our lives and has significant implications for personal and professional success. It encompasses the ability to recognize and understand our own emotions, as well as those of others, and to effectively manage and regulate these emotions in ourselves and in our interactions with others.

While traditional education systems often prioritize academic and technical subjects, the understanding and development of emotional intelligence have gained recognition in recent years. Many individuals have not received formal instruction or guidance on how to recognize, understand, and relate to their emotions. This lack of emotional education can result in difficulties in managing stress, building relationships, making sound decisions, and achieving personal fulfillment.  This is where Dr Annemarie Millar can help individuals.

I am an Associate Fellow and Chartered Psychologist registered with the British Psychological Society. I have over 10 years experience working as a research psychologist.  My professional expertise and experience in the field of emotional intelligence gives clients a high level of confidence and trust in me and my coaching practice and a track record of results. My approach to coaching can help you learn and develop emotional intelligence skills to better understand yourself and others.

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What areas of Emotional Intelligence can you practice to support you in your professional & personal success?

Emotional intelligence (EI) indeed plays a crucial role in our lives and has significant implications for personal and professional success.


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Client Testimonials

The synergy between the Emotional Intelligence course and Dr Annemarie Millar is demonstrated in the wisdom of the quote: 'None of us knows what all of us know’
The EI course is invaluable and has got me over the starting line to evaluate my daily interactions with others and develop a long-term view of who I want to be. The coaching aspect of EI with Dr Annemarie Millar gave me permission to explore and delve deep within, asking myself searching questions. My confidence has grown and I feel able to engage at a different level with others.I thought I knew myself until I experienced being coached but, with Dr Millar's experience and knowledge I have now developed a set of values some of which I would never have previously considered.
EI is not about results it is about relationships and I thank Dr Millar for her precious and empathetic approach.

David Carney-Haworth, OBE & Founder Operation Encompass

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"Your developing brain was handed a trajectory. Things are different after you grow up. You can hang out with all kinds of people. you can challenge the beliefs that you were swaddled in as a child. You can change you own niche. Your actions of today become your brain's predictions of tomorrow, and those predictions automatically drive your future actions."


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Coaching just may be the best way to help anyone develop emotional and social Intelligence for managing one's self, improving relationships, and elevating performance.
Daniel Goleman 

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