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I am a chartered psychologist registered with the British Psychological Society and an Emotional Intelligence (EI) coach. I am a deeply curious person, committed to learning about myself and my relationship to others and the environment. As an EI coach, I support the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals' (SDGs). My heart is in caring about people. My approach can help you learn and develop EI skills to better understand yourself and others. By integrating my academic training and research in psychology, with my passion and expertise in Emotional Intelligence, I work with clients in a dynamic and holistic way to achieve the goals that matter most to them.

We each have our own unique story. What is yours?


Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is the capacity for recognising our own feelings and those of others, for motivating ourselves and for managing emotions effectively in ourselves and others. As such, it is the key differentiator of our potential, a gateway to understanding ourselves and developing our positive qualities.

Despite its importance, many of us have never been taught how to recognise and relate to our emotions. The priority in most modern societies is providing an education focusing on the material and technical subjects; ignoring an education about emotion and emotional knowledge.  Most people think emotional intelligence is something ‘either you have or you don’t’.

In fact, emotional and social competency is not a quality you are born with but a learned capacity. The Emotional and Social Intelligence Leadership Competency Model, a unique framework developed by Daniel Goleman and Richard Boyatzis, draws upon our best knowledge and research about the brain and habit change to identify the 12 specific, evidence-based competencies that are the building blocks of emotional and social intelligence. Leadership is not defined by our formal role in an organization; we all have the capacity to lead at any level in our personal or professional lives. Hence this model has deep and wide application.


Coaching just may be the best way to help anyone develop Emotional and Social Intelligence for managing one's self, improving relationships, and elevating performance.

Daniel Goleman 

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Emotional Intelligence Coaching



Individual Coaching

Life throws many surprises at us, and while we cannot predict the outcome of any situation, we can take control of how we respond to certain situations.

With my coaching sessions, you will learn to develop the EI skills of Self-Awareness, Emotional Balance, Adaptability, Positive Outlook and Empathy that will enable you not just to survive but to thrive. EI coaching is an investment in yourself. By investing in EI coaching you are building the skills that create lasting habit change, that matters most to you.

My unique approach uses an integrated coaching methodology, Learn-Apply-Reflect, to bridge the knowing-doing gap. This methodology leads to sustained habit change and transformation when and where it matters; where the rubber meets the road. For those in leadership/managerial positions, employees are far more than human capital; they're real people who sometimes face painful circumstances. Leaders can't solve every problem or answer every question. But there's one thing they can always do - care. When they get this right, they create a workplace where emotional connections are deep, innovation is second nature, and employees are resilient and thriving.

I offer a range of programmes, from 12 to 24 weeks in duration, of applied, online learning, which is coupled with one-to-one coaching sessions (in-person or via online). Validated assessments, designed to create a baseline for the client and a starting place for our coaching partnership, are also available.


I offer a bespoke consultancy service to explore how Emotional Intelligence can support your individual needs and/or the needs of your organisation.

When I talk to people about EI, two questions come up most frequently. Firstly, many describe EI as 'soft skills' and believe them to be nice to have - but are they essential when it comes to the bottom line? Secondly 'Can you teach someone EI?  Linkedin identified EI as one of the top 5 'soft skills' companies most need in 2020.

Change happens on a moment-to-moment basis, and some developments will always be beyond our control. We need to exert influence over what we can, in fact, have an impact on. I believe EI is a superpower and a must-have in our technology-driven society. In 2006, then-President Obama spoke of an 'empathy deficit’ In the US which he described as ‘[m]ore serious than the federal budget deficit'. 

In the past, emotional intelligence has largely been thought of as people skills — how we perceive and express ourselves and how we develop and maintain social relationships. Now neuroscience and brain-based leadership studies have shown that EI is so much more:

“I believe that in the long run, EQ [Emotional Quotient] does trump IQ. Without the ability to be a source of energy for others very little can be accomplished” – Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella 

Client Testimonials

When I had the opportunity to get coached by Annemarie on Emotional Intelligence training I jumped at the chance. I knew that she was a qualified psychologist and that there was no doubt I would receive support of the highest standard from her while studying EI.  
Annemarie is so skilled at mentoring that she understood exactly how to gage how I was doing with the process. She made sure that I knew she was there to support me and she always was.  I thought of her as a personal trainer for the mind.  She knew how to get the best out of me and was completely honest at every stage of the process while still being extremely considerate.  Apart from the career benefits to the individual, I think society as a whole would benefit from having more individuals trained in Emotional Intelligence and I would highly recommend Annemarie as a coach for anyone exploring this area.  She is thoroughly knowledgeable and very passionate about the subject of EI and the transformative power that this training has.

Fionnuala, Business Services Manager. Belfast


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